[thelist] OT Win Question - Norton vs McAfee?

Allen Schaaf techwriter at sound-by-design.com
Mon May 17 16:21:49 CDT 2004

At 09:13 AM 5/17/04, Luther, Ron wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>Still working with my brother-in-law's old laptop. Was installing the 
>McAfee 'suite' of protection apps yesterday.
>Would the Norton suite have been any better?  Or would that pretty much 
>hit the same issues with a different interface?

Neither is the best choice. System Suite 5 from VCOM is the top rated 
utility for the past 3 years by PC Mag. I've been using it for about 5 
years and it works. Slightly less control than I like, but it is an 
all-in-one that does a ton of real things and they play nice with yahoo 
mail as far as I can tell - don't use yahoo mail much so can't say absolutely.

>Sorry ... it's Monday ... fairly lame-o tip for my OT transgression:
><tip author="RonL" type="skepticism">
>Be sure to maintain a healthy skepticism when dealing with clients, with 
>IT, and with your own work.
>Cross-check everything.


15 years ago the motto in my shop was "The customer is a necessary evil."

Allen Schaaf
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