[thelist] Is it at all possible to do this?

Allen Schaaf techwriter at sound-by-design.com
Tue May 18 06:23:40 CDT 2004

This is the request and I don't think it is possible, but maybe there is 
another solution one of you could suggest:

>Small code tweak for nonprofit website
>Reply to: bh at candocoalition.org
>Mon May 17th
>Howdy Code Warriors!
>We are 501 c) 3) nonprofit and we are interested in improving our SEND 
>YOUR FRIEND AN EMAIL page of our site:
>Currently a user needs to remember their friends email and type it into 
>appropriate field , i.e. a real pain in the arse, preventing the public 
>from taking advantage of this page.
>In effort to make more user friendly we would like to place a * hot (link) 
>*  "To" button next to each of the email fields {i.e. "To ->" 1. (name 
>field)} and when "To" selected by user, their email address box would 
>pop-up and they would be able to use as they do in their MS Outlook -- 
>namely to be able to select email address from their address book, click 
>"To" and have the email address populate the fields in this page <a 
>If this is particularly problematic, perhaps we can just call their email 
>addresses and user can copy in manually (i.e. Rt. Click, highlight and 
>paste ­ although this would be better than what we have currently, this is 
>rather untidy solution.  Let me know what you propose - perhaps you have a 
>better solution?
>Thank you!

I like the idea, but foresee major difficulties in making it work with 
various MUAs and cross platform, not to mention where, exactly, the 
appropriate file is stored to navigate to.

Scratching my head,

Allen Schaaf
Sr. Technical Writer

Who says bad manuals aren't a risk to your life?  Just ask the passengers 
of the jet where the engine caught fire because the company's maintenance 
manual was wrong about how to install one key bolt.  (NTSB Report on GE CF6 
engine fire, American Airlines flight 574, July 9, 1998. 

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