[thelist] Flash - web standards and accessibility

Douglas Evolt at neuance.net
Tue May 18 07:41:26 CDT 2004

> how can I include a flash header and still make the site pass the  
> accessibility standards? Surly flash causes problems with those who are  
> not able to use browser with flash plug-ins, or who need larger text,  
> ect ect ect.

If you treat the Flash area as a form of banner to highlight content and  
items further down the page, then these items should be accessible  
already, and non-flash people should not miss out.

Larger text is in principle easier with flash, as the user only has to  
right click and press zoom in, but I  don't see this as being an important  
factor. Get the main content working, and the header as an interesting  


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