[thelist] Flash - web standards and accessibility

Geoff Sheridan evolt at premonition.co.uk
Tue May 18 07:52:10 CDT 2004

At 1:16 pm +0100 18/5/04, Jason Robbins wrote:
>I have a client who would like me to produce a standards compatible 
>site, but who would also like to have a flash header on it. So my 
>question is how can I include a flash header and still make the site 
>pass the accessibility standards? Surly flash causes problems with 
>those who are not able to use browser with flash plug-ins, or who 
>need larger text, ect ect ect.
>Any insights would be usefull, links or personal knowledge.

It is perfectly possible to use flash on an accessible site. A 
site-wide header is a good example of somewhere to use flash without 
damaging accessibility. Sniff and serve either flash or img with alt 

Obviously unless you use tedious work-arounds your HTML will not 
validate at W3C because of the need to use Object and Embed tags. It 
can still meet accessibility guidelines.

Others will doubtless disagree... bring it on, anti-flash dullards :-)

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East London, UK

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