[thelist] OT Win Question - Norton vs McAfee?

the head lemur headlemur at lemurzone.com
Tue May 18 10:36:22 CDT 2004

Would the Norton suite have been any better?

McAfee has always been problematic Since Version 2. The update engine on the
web has always had issues as well as not working very well in downloading.
This is my impression as of 18 months ago.

I switched my clients to Norton, both the standalone and the System Works

Norton has gone from an anti virus bit to an enormous tarantula of software
and services that require far more in upkeep as well as being packaged in
versions that are confusing, ram intensive and are a real nightmare to
remove. It has gotten way too large as an anti-virus product.

We are moving again.

I would recomment AVG from Grisoft.

Yep, my clients sometimes think that I am a clueless idiot with all these
changes, but I can deal with it. AVG not only does what it is supposed to
but has a smaller footprint, Automatic Updating in the paid version, which
by itself is a real value at 34 bucks for 2 years vs 39-59 per year with

It also does a thorough boot scan which for some folks is a weird idea until
you remember some of the old boot sector viruses, Ram Resident  viruses, and
macro viruses.

In the networking versions it is a real dream.

This is only slighty off topic as the health of client's machines is
important to them being able to access and interact with the websites we
build for them.

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