[thelist] Laying out components in Flash

Marcus Andersson marcus at bristav.se
Tue May 18 16:34:18 CDT 2004

joe wrote:
> Marcus Andersson wrote:
>>  which would result in that if you move the container you also move 
>> it's children. I should also say that it must be possible to do this 
>> from script (if possible).
> sorry, I should also say that if you are attaching components to a 
> parent container movie clip, moving the container should also move its 
> children.  are you finding this is not the case?
> joe

So if I, in some way, attaches a movie clip to a parent movie clip with actionscript (haven't figured out how 
to do that), then the child movie clip will be positioned relative to the parent movie clip?


ps. thanks for the comments. I may seem unthankful with the responses but I'm not. Remember I'm a noob

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