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Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
Tue May 18 19:09:59 CDT 2004

How about Laszosystems from



Marcus Andersson wrote:

> Thomas Klepl wrote:
>> Just thought I'd mention for those that don't know about it - 
>> Macromedia has
>> a new product called Flex which is basically an XML language and 
>> serverside
>> software for creating flash pieces. It does not require using the 
>> Flash IDE
>> and is targeted at programmers. The bad part is that it's very expensive
>> (for now anyway..I think they will have to drop the price by a lot to 
>> get
>> people to use it)
>> http://www.macromedia.com/software/flex/
>> Tom
> Yep, know about Flex and don't want to use Flex. What I want is 
> something that is similar to Flex (or XAML) but is interpreted at 
> runtime in the Flash player. This gives me the ability to deploy it on 
> any server and also to write applications without the Flash IDE. I've 
> built something similar in IE with Javascript/CSS/XML/XSLT and it 
> works splendid (apart from being a memory hog) and now I want to try 
> the concept in Flash to get it to more users (and platforms) and also, 
> hopefully, more useful in terms of performance.
> /Marcus


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