[thelist] IE 6 CSS Rollover problems

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Tue May 18 20:48:24 CDT 2004

Here's the URL. I did not write most of this page, so please don't  
berate me for its lack of standards or accessibility or the fact that  
it looks broken in Safari or whatever else:


My question is, I have Windows XP Pro and IE6.0 and when hovering over  
the tabs on this page on the local file system the tab rollover effect  
works just fine. But as soon as I placed the page on the server I see  
strange behavior reminding me of the peekaboo bug but not quite. (I'll  
explain later.) The problem didn't happen for the guy sitting next to  
me, however.

Try as I might, I couldn't fix the problem. What I see is if I hover  
over the first tab with my mouse the other 5 tabs flicker and/or  
disappear. If I hover over the second tab, the next 4 tabs flicker  
and/or disappear. If I hover over the third tab, the next 3 tabs  
flicker and/or disappear. And so on. What reminds me of the peekaboo  
bug is that if I navigate to one of the tab image files, then hit the  
back button, the problem goes away and the rollover effect looks normal.

The effect is being done by onmouseover/onmouseout event handlers  
calling javascript functions that set the className property on the  
<td> element. Image preloading is being done with standard Dreamweaver  
code. (Oddly in Safari the background only changes behind the <a>  
element, even though the javascript is supposed to change the style on  
the <td>, but that doesn't matter because we only support IE anyway.)

Is it only me on my XP machine? It's a new machine for me. Any help on  
this problem is appreciated. Thanks, Diane

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