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Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Wed May 19 07:38:32 CDT 2004

Adriano Castro wrote:

>     I have an XML file that has been created by a program. Problem is the whole
> file is one huge line of text instead of indented chunks of code.
>     How can I format this automatically to be a bit more human readable?
>     I've tried opening it on the browser, copy the structured code and then
> paste it on my text editor. Unfortunately the hyphens (minus characters) from
> the treeview also come along with the code and are causing some problems.
>     What do you suggest?

Altova makes very nice XML-editors and they (just?) made 
their home-version free!


Just load your XML-file in XMPSPY and select "Pretty Print 
XML-text" from the menu.

Edwin Martin.

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