[thelist] connecting a sunbox to ntl modem

Simon Perry thelist at si-designs.co.uk
Wed May 19 09:31:53 CDT 2004

Alex Beston wrote:

> I have a sun IPX with  debian & im trying to connect to my broadband 
> account.
> Does anyone know which config files to alter  / daemons i have to run 
> in order to access the net?
> I know i have to set it to DHCP but in which file with what syntax I 
> havent the faintest idea.
> help would be appreciated.

How does NTL provide your broadband connection, ethernet? If so you will 
need to alter /etc/network/interfaces. The debian core will provide DHCP 
capability. IIRC most NTL ethernet modems lock the mac address of the 
nic that was attached when they were first setup and configured. Power 
cycling the modem after you have attached it to the sun box may work if 
not then you will need to spoof the mac address on the sun box so the 
NTL modem thinks it is the same nic/machine.


 From the command line
debian:~# nano /etc/network/interfaces

iface eth0 inet dhcp

debian:~# ifdown eth0
debian:~# ifup eth0

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