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Adriano Castro thelist.evolt at adrianocastro.net
Wed May 19 10:42:30 CDT 2004

>     I have an XML file that has been created by a program. Problem is the
> whole file is one huge line of text instead of indented chunks of code.
>     How can I format this automatically to be a bit more human readable?

    Thank you all very much!

    Your suggestions were all great and worked perfectly but I've just found the
answer to my problems in a tool I was already using for (X)HTML:

    + HTML Tidy - http://tidy.sourceforge.net

    It works wonders!

    A simple shortcut to tidy.exe with some parameters (-o new_tidied_file.xml
-f new_tidied_errorlog.txt -wrap 0 -i -xml) and it does all I need swiftly.

    Thanks once again.

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