[thelist] Currency Converter Script?

michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Wed May 19 16:00:28 CDT 2004

I will second that recommendation:

1.The output page is customisable

2.Rates are real time

3.I use it and before putting it on site, checked their rates real time
against wholesale rates and found them pretty accurate

4.You could if you wish show only USD/CAD or as many others as you wish

5.You may wish to put a disclaimer on the site covering:

(a) Rates are wholesale and will not be the same as bureau de change hotel
or retail bank rates and certainly

(b) will not be the same as credit card rates (which are usually converted
at time of "billing" not time of purchase

(c) Rates quoted are only applicable for the time of the quote (which you
may wish to point out is GMT) .......
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: Xe.com has free currency conversion tools:
: http://www.xe.com/sitemap.htm#webmasters

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