[thelist] 1&1 experiences?

Diane Soini diane at dianesoini.com
Wed May 19 22:51:52 CDT 2004

> Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
>> I've beeing seeing ads for 1&1 hosting <http://1and1.com>, and it 
>> seems almost
>> too good to be true. $10/month for 1G of space, a boatload of 
>> subdomains, free
>> domains, mail accounts, PHP, a large MySQL database, and SSH access?
>> Does anyone have any experiences with 1&1?

I do not, but a while back people were recommending insiderhosting.com. 
It's pretty darn cheap and so far I'm quite happy. You don't get a 
whole lot of space or bandwidth at that cheap price. But I get enough 
for me. For $15 I get 5 domains, unlimited subdomains, all the other 
things you listed, but SSH is only available on approval by written 

The guy who runs it answers posts to the message board very quickly, 
and responds to emails with real answers. I guess it matters to people 
what the control panel is. I have never had one before this, so I have 
no comparison, but it uses C-Panel, which seems adequate, and also 
offers multiple supplemental admin panels, such as phpmyadmin, which is 


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