[thelist] Front Page Extensions for Apache Server runninginWin2KEnvironment

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
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Are you running 10 separate websites? If so, then you'll need a server OS.

HOW TO: Use Host Header Names to Configure Multiple Web Sites in Internet
Information Services 6.0

HOW TO: Use Host Header Names to Host Multiple Sites from One IP Address in
IIS 5.0

Alternatively, if you have two separate IP addresses, you could run all your
websites inside Apache, and host a single site within IIS on a desktop OS
(IIS on a desktop OS only supports a single active site). You will need to
have Apache listen on one IP address, and IIS on the other. To do that,
disable socket pooling in IIS:


From: "David Waldrop" <waldrop at wtxcoxmail.com>
Subject: RE: [thelist] Front Page Extensions for Apache Server

That is great Ken... It took me a while, but I got Apache to recognize all
(approximately 8-10) of the domains that I host on this machine. How do I
get IIS to do the same thing. I really do not want to shut the websites down
until I am ready to make that happen (knowledge wise).

Thanks for your help,
David Waldrop

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If you want to use FPSE on Windows, then IIS is probably your best bet (most
of the other FPSE versions are for various webservers on non-Windows

Uninstall Apache. Install IIS from the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel ->
Windows Components. Then visit WindowsUpdate to get any patches you need for

Note that IIS on desktop OSes (Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Pro,
Windows XP Pro) have a limit of 10 concurrent HTTP connections. If you need
more (to host a production site), you're probably best off getting Windows
2003 Server Web Edition.


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