[thelist] Hosting for Dummies

Benjamin C. Varadi bvaradi at nlcnet.org
Thu May 20 11:52:54 CDT 2004

I'm a volunteer with a group that meets most of these criteria.  I
don't think we have any dogs on yet, but some of our initial users
have signed up their aged relatives.  LAMP environment, limited shell
access per user request and with good reason, CPANEL (www.cpanel.net)
allows users to handle almost all administration tasks on their own,
free installation of most open-source software packages. We don't have
a support phone number (our volunteers are geographically diverse),
but do offer support via IM & an emergency pager contact.

Added bonus:  you're helping others in their volunteer efforts- for
every commercial account that signs up, we host a nonprofit/community
group, free.  Also, if a user enters "EVOLT" as the promo code when
signing up, we'll donate 10% of that users payments to evolt, for

Check out www.vesana.com

For what it's worth, we're in the black and have been running for just
over two years.  In the process of preparing an application for 501c3
nonprofit status.

Unfortunately, no plans for CF.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004, 10:45:32 AM, Drew wrote:

> I realise that this has been asked over and over and over again. However, a 
> search of the archives isn't showing me anything useful, and I think what 
> I'm looking for may be a little unusual. What I'm looking for is a hosting 
> site I can recommend to people who ask The Question: "So, you're a 
> webmaster. I want to make myself a website, where can I host it?"

> What I want: Someplace reliable where people can fill in a form with a 
> domain name and a few other parameters, pay by credit card, and get back an 
> SCP username and password, active within a few days at most (I'll likely 
> end up using this myself too, if it's good). As foolproof as possible, so 
> that I can point anyone up to and including my aged relatives and their 
> dogs at it. PHP, CF and, ideally, shell access would all be nice benefits, 
> since I have no doubt I'll be asked to "improve" these sites in times to come.

> Any recommendations? Off-list, should you prefer, and I'm perfectly willing 
> to listen to someone who can say "We don't do that yet, but I can have it 
> for you soon".

> Cheers,
> Drew.

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