[thelist] PHP/mySQL using a checkin/checkout system for multiple editors

Steve Bissonnette steve at plankdesign.com
Thu May 20 15:07:02 CDT 2004

Hi there --

I¹m in the process of upgrading an older PHP/mySQL admin tool for a client,

I¹m looking for suggestions on the best way for multiple users to be able
to edit mySQL records and not have any ³edit overlap² // where data is
open in two places and only one ³change² gets saved.

Each user of the system can/should have individual account.

Some first-glance possibilities,

 1. Using ³lock tables² differently ? (I don¹t think this cover¹s enough of
the problem)
 2. Creating a check-in/check-out system ? Anyone have a PHP code example of
this ? How can time-out the ³lock² and release if there¹s a problem ?

Thanks for any suggestions,

steve bissonnette
steve at plankdesign.com

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