[thelist] Automate zip?

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Thu May 20 19:53:05 CDT 2004

Hi, please forgive me as I'm a total Windows idiot. I know next to 

I'd like to be able to automate the making of Windows .zip files, by 
making it easier to zip up a directory and exclude certain files 
automatically. It appears that if you buy the latest version of WinZip 
you can download a command line utility that might be able to do this. 
I would rather not have to ask anybody to buy something to accomplish 
this, however.

To make matters worse, it would be nice if I could do some quick 
editing of an XML file in the directory in question right before the 
moment the directory is being zipped. Since the edit is always the same 
(edit something out, then put it back after it's zipped) it ought to be 
able to be automated, too.

Piece-o-cake on Unix. Haven't a clue on Windows. Suggestions?


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Professionals built the Titanic. -unknown

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