[thelist] Front Page ExtensionsforApacheServerrunninginWin2KEnvironment

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As mentioned before Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro only
support a single active website
You will need a server OS (in this case Windows 2000 Server) to have
multiple active websites within IIS.

If you have the server OS, you can use host-headers to host multiple
websites on a single IP address.


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Based on the article you sent the link to,


HOW TO: Use Host Header Names to Host Multiple Sites from One IP Address in
IIS 5.0

It is possible to host multiple sites from one IP Address in IIS. I do not
have to continue to use Apache if I can host multiple sites from IIS. Am I
reading what the article says correctly?

Thanks again for all your help!!

David Waldrop

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In IIS they are called "Virtual Servers". None the less, the underlying
technology that makes it work is part of the HTTP v1.1 spec.

If you wish to keep you existing desktop OS, then you'd need at least two IP
addresses to be able to run Apache and IIS (and have both listen on port

Alternatively, if you move to a Windows Server OS, you can run as many sites
in IIS as you want. Windows Server 2003 Web Edition has some limitations in
terms of what you can install (I think you can install most server software,
but I don't know about other things).

Alternatively, you could consider getting a dedicated server machine...
(that's what I'd do)


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