[thelist] Automate zip?

Allen Schaaf techwriter at sound-by-design.com
Fri May 21 00:05:25 CDT 2004

At 05:53 PM 5/20/04, Diane Soini wrote:
>Hi, please forgive me as I'm a total Windows idiot. I know next to nothing.

No apologies needed. Even Microsoft is a complete idiot about windows.

>I'd like to be able to automate the making of Windows .zip files, by 
>making it easier to zip up a directory and exclude certain files 
>automatically. It appears that if you buy the latest version of WinZip you 
>can download a command line utility that might be able to do this. I would 
>rather not have to ask anybody to buy something to accomplish this, however.
>To make matters worse, it would be nice if I could do some quick editing 
>of an XML file in the directory in question right before the moment the 
>directory is being zipped. Since the edit is always the same (edit 
>something out, then put it back after it's zipped) it ought to be able to 
>be automated, too.
>Piece-o-cake on Unix. Haven't a clue on Windows. Suggestions?

Perl is probably the way to go. Get ActiveState Perl and install it. There 
is a book, "Automating Windows with Perl" by Scott McMahan from R&D Books 
(an imprint of Miller-Freeman), ISBN 0-87930-589-4, that covers almost this 
exact scenario.

Good luck,

Allen Schaaf
Sr. Technical Writer

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