[thelist] Question about IIS, SSL, and subdomains

Johnson, Christopher (MTO) Christopher.Johnson at mto.gov.on.ca
Fri May 21 09:54:28 CDT 2004


I have a quick question regarding setting up SSL certificates under IIS 6.0
when subdomains are involved. I was told that is I have several different
domains on a single server, all domains in the form of:


and each domain is assigned to the same IP (i.e., the server is using http
1.1 to resolve the domain name to the correct virtual website), then I can
not have different SSL certificates setup for each domain. In other words,
the certificate is tied to the IP address and not to the domain name or to
the virtual directory/website on IIS.

Is this true and is there a simple way of setting all this up?


If any of this does not make sense, I am getting the information second
hand. Personally, I would just bind as many IP addresses as required to the
NIC and go from there, however, in this situation, this may not be an

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