[thelist] php 4/IIS 6/OCBC issues

Colin Gremillion gremilco_caz at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 11:12:17 CDT 2004


We've got a new web server (Server 03 Standard) here
that I'm having to populate and set up and I ran into
a strange problem with it yesterday.
I installed PHP (after which everything worked fine),
and was trying to follow the guidelines for setting it
up in IIS 6, so I moved the .dll into the system32
directory and added a php Web Service extension (which
turned out to be wrong because I didn't add the ".",
but that's beside the point). After I did this, the
OCBC stopped working and refused to connect to the
remote SQL server through its IP. It just kept saying
that there was no SQL server there. The web site using
it gave a Com error and was trying to use a login for
the SQL DB that wasn't even in the DSN, and had never
So I removed the PHP Web Service extension but it
still wouldn't work, so I bounced the server. It came
back up and worked fine.
The problem is that I can't be sure if it was PHP
messing with it or the server just needed a restart. I
don't see why PHP would screw with a DSN, but maybe
I'm wrong.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, please email me directly if you've
got a GREAT answer.

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