[thelist] Quirky Mac IE behavior

Amy Johnson amy at rocky-hills.com
Sat May 22 21:37:00 CDT 2004

I took over an "almost-completed" site recently and added some ASP code
so the clients could maintain it themselves.  Unfortunately I'm
experiencing some really bizarre behavior on the Mac.  Some of my ASP
code generates tables that look fine on the PC but continually change
size on the Mac.  For instance, if you move from section to section, the
table randomly changes shape and gains and loses it's scroll bar even
when the exact same section of code is being called!

The URL is:  (and before I give this let me emphasize I did NOT design
this site and would NOT have designed it as it was designed)


So on a Mac, if you randomly move around in the IFRAME using the
navigational buttons on the right, you'll see a vertical scrollbar
randomly appearing and disappearing on the right side.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  This one is really
stumping me.


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