[thelist] Image in a pad

L. Mohan Arun marun2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 07:41:03 CDT 2004

Dear List Members,

I want to put a image in a box so that there is a 1 px
white space around the image, the box itself has a
solid thin black border.

To visualize what I am talking about, I have the
following HTML/CSS upto now.
	background-color: white;
	width: 73%;
	border: solid black 1px;
	padding-top: 3 px;
	padding-bottom: 3 px;
	padding-left: 1 px;
	padding-right: 1 px;
<div class=imgpad>
<IMG SRC="birthday-1.jpg"><br>

The image size may be variable in width and height but
the border and the padding should always be the same,
In the CSS I have, while the left and right sides have
the correct padding, the top and bottom do not.

I would prefer to do it with CSS instead of tables.
Any help would be appreciated.

L. Mohan Arun

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