[thelist] Re: consulting fees

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Jun 14 18:13:34 CDT 2004

> > interest.  It's certainly not your employer's business if you 
> > decide to create a blog site, etc. and while that may not be 
> > what the intent of the above reply was, it's a fine line.  
> So, in fact, you really should get some liability release for 
> your company,
> or at least get a release from them to do the work.
> Most business people do NOT understand the kind of liability 
> they take on
> with employees, and most employees are downright shocked to 
> discover that
> what they say *outside* of work can actually get them fired and their
> company screwed with a massive lawsuit, even if what they say 
> whatsoever to do with sexually degrading comments.
> NOTE: I'm now a lawyer, and this is not legal advise.  It's simly my
> opinion.

Really quick:  are you *now* a lawyer or *not* a lawyer?  If you're not
a lawyer, then I have to say that I cannot take what you've stated above
as fact--and I completely support your disagreeing with me, however,
what you choose to do and how you choose to do it is your own business,
unless you cross lines that are defined in your employment agreement,
which is exactly what I stated.  I've had a previous employer tell me
that the did not want to see their name end up in my blog, even though
they gave me a righteous screwing over, and I didn't put them in there,
but not because they asked, because I don't believe in blogging about
that crap.  In general, however, if you do something without thinking of
the consequences, you stand a good chance of getting a nip on your
backside, so all the discussion should give the OP something to chew on.

That, is a good thing.

> > It's also to your employer's benefit if you are further 
> > practicing and extending your skills.
> I couldn't agree more.  

And it's to your own; if you pick up 2-3 new tools that help in your
job, you can certainly consider bringing those up at your review.  ;-)


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