[thelist] Copyright ownership under LGPL

David Siedband david at calteg.org
Mon Jun 14 21:36:52 CDT 2004

On Jun 14, 2004, at 6:28 PM, the head lemur wrote:

>> I have no idea why he is so concerned about owning copyrights to
>> everything, especially derivative works of LGPL'ed software.
> Because he is an idiot, and what he doesn't know about copyright would 
> fill the Grand Canyon...

This is an opportunity to educate your client about open source and how 
it benefits them.

Explain to them that the are getting sophisticated functionality 
without having to singlehandedly fund the entire development of your 

Mention that they do get the source code allowing them to modify it in 
the future, just nonexclusive rights to do so.

They may not have thought through how open source software is enabling 
them to produce a lower cost solution.


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