[thelist] Copyright ownership under LGPL

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Jun 14 23:18:14 CDT 2004

> If I was dealing with a well-funded business, I'd have no regrets
> selling the copyright for a swell sum, but this is a family 
> website with
> a not-so-huge budget.

David--have you explained to the client that one of the reasons he's
getting your current rate is because you may very well re-use some
existing code that others have subsidized?  This is very much a common
practice--a lot of companies do "build versus buy" studies.  Throw that
out to the client; he should understand those principals.  It might
behoove of you to give him a cost analysis of the current price (re-used
code) versus "from scratch" code.

> Is this client worth keeping?

Gotta be honest, the radar's going off heavy on this one, and it's not
my client.  When that happens, I usually give it a last-ditch try just
to level the playing field, and if they don't want to play nice (and you
aren't strapped for the income), it very well may be best to walk away.
Sounds like the client would get a lot extra from you, anyway.  Tread
cautiously, in my opinion, and make sure that your contract does not,
anywhere, state anything about "guarantees" or anything similar.



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