[thelist] Copyright ownership under LGPL

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Tue Jun 15 02:41:11 CDT 2004

David Bindel wrote:

> My potential client will not accept anything less than full legal
> ownership/copyright in order to:
> 1) avoid "copyright problems"

This is nonsense. You're probably not allowed to use PHP 
either, because you'll be using PHP-functions which he 
doesn't own. Every website uses software which is somebody 
elses property.

> 2) avoid "subsidizing" the development of future websites in which I
>    might reuse code that I used in his website

Strange. He thinks that if he buys Windows XP he is not 
subsidizing the development of Longhorn or even the next 
version of the X-Box?

> 3) ensure that his website is "one of a kind" (as far as internal PHP 
>    code goes)

It looks like he doesn't know the economics of software. 
Give him two proposals: your initial proposal and his 
proposal, which is ten times more expensive.

Edwin Martin.

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