[thelist] adding an option to a select element

david.landy at somerfield.co.uk david.landy at somerfield.co.uk
Tue Jun 15 06:40:33 CDT 2004

hi all,

i want to present my users with a list of groups they can join in a
<select>, and allow them to select a group and then click a button to join

the selected group should then appear in a second <select>, showing all the
groups they have joined. a second button will allow them to reverse the
procedure and leave a group. 

a quick pic (group names are made up):

  your groups             available groups
 --------------            --------------
|gym           |          |athletics     |
|horse-riding  |          |soccer        |
|squash        |    <==   |rugby         |
|tennis        |          |golf          |
|              |    ==>   |table-tennis  |
|              |          |scrabble      |
|              |          |ludo          |
|              |          |bingo         V
 --------------            --------------

does anyone have any sample javascript code for this, or pointers to how to
do it elegantly? i can get the data in and out of the database without a
problem, and have got as far as removing an <option> from a <select> but am
stuck on how to add an <option> to the second <select>.

thanks in advance,


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