[thelist] Copyright Issues

divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Tue Jun 15 10:12:35 CDT 2004

Response: I find their claims a bit too broad. While I'm sure some
developers, programmers and the like resolve full rights to *some* clients,
it's hard to imagine someone turning over all their scratch notes, rough
drafts and written knowledge gained over many years alongside the actual
final product. As I've heard somewhere, artists allow you to purchase their
music, thereby purchasing a license to listen to it, but you never own the
music itself. You could suggest to the client (if you're willing to invest
in them further) that a clause be added for suspension of reuse of this
particular product/code by you for a certain length of time, say a year. Not
necessarily efficient and productive for you, but its an option.

One resource: http://www.ivanhoffman.com/

divaone ~

[Wes Reed] ~snipped:
We generally contract with our clients to license any
programming to them with the rights to do anything they want with it
forever but retain ownership. They claim that nobody works this way and
the other bidders did not have this kind of specification.

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