[thelist] Copyright ownership under LGPL

divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Tue Jun 15 10:25:28 CDT 2004

Response: Firstly, I apologize if I am jumping in and out of threads at
random. For some reason, that's how I am receiving them (over the last
several biz days)!.

There are a few things the client can ponder. First, what guarantee does he
have that *you* have not violated any copyrights in developing the code then
handing it off to him. He would still bear some responsibility by it's use.
I believe solid terms in the beginning would be enough to ease his concern
on this point, but he may be the type of client who you may never appease.

About point #2 and "subsidizing" future websites - how bogus! Everything we
spend a dime on subsidizes *something*. Buy at stores: someone makes a
profit. Buy a book: author (wishfully) makes a profit. Donate: even
non-profits pay people and occasionally have a fiscal year-end surplus.
These profits are all subsidizing something and we don't necessarily get to
choose how they are used.

About point #3 and the "one-of-a-kind" website - the features listed really
don't sound all that unique to me: "user management, geneology, basic blog
features, and picture/quote of the day." Is there something I'm missing? How
unique is the design he created.. just out of curiosity.

divaone ~

My potential client will not accept anything less than full legal
ownership/copyright in order to:

1) avoid "copyright problems"
2) avoid "subsidizing" the development of future websites in which I
   might reuse code that I used in his website
3) ensure that his website is "one of a kind" (as far as internal PHP
   code goes)

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