[thelist] Speaking of homesite, can you use SCP?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Jun 15 12:14:03 CDT 2004

Jonathan <j at firebright.com> wrote:
> All this discussion of homesite has made me wonder whether there is
> any built in way to get homesite to use SCP.  From the docs, I see
> that it supports SFTP, but is there a way to use SCP?

nope, but SFTP is normally enabled by default on hosts that offer SSH2
logins ...which includes all the Linux and FreeBSD servers (and hosting
services) that i have access to, currently.

if it's not, ask the sysadmin to enable it.  it's a simple switch in the
sshd.conf, is as secure as SSH2 (which is a bit more secure than SSH1 &
SCP), and quite a bit more efficient, iirc.



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