[thelist] IIS 5 Web Stress Tool

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Jun 15 20:38:07 CDT 2004


If you were perhaps a little more clear on what you are using (eg the
*actual* product name), and where you got it from, then perhaps we can help.

I have used both WAST (Web Application Stress Tool), which is *free* (no
trial versions) and intuitive (and fairly powerful) and contains no
limitations like you describe, and Application Centre Test (ACT) which is
bundled with various VS.NET versions (I also don't know of the limitations
you describe). The fact that the product you are using doesn't seem to fit
either of these products makes your post somewhat confusing to me.

In any case, when you stress test a webserver you do it from separate client
machines. So, you don't need anything from Microsoft, since all you are
doing is sending HTTP requests across the wire. You could use any clients
you want.

The Web Application Stress Tool (WAST) can be downloaded from here:

If that's what you're using, I'm happy to provide any assistance I can if
you can describe what your situation is.


From: "Rob Smith" <rob.smith at THERMON.com>
Subject: RE: [thelist] IIS 5 Web Stress Tool

: >MS Web Application Stress Tool v 1.1
: I have the current version whatever that is. I got pretty
: frustrated at it after about 30 minutes of fighting it. Can you give me a
quick how to?
: Something M$'s documentation obviously isn't real clear on.
: Rob

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