[thelist] Copying e-mails to a database

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Jun 15 22:07:04 CDT 2004

What format do you have this mail in?

As Tab points out, if you have it in an Exchange store (or Domino DB, or
similar), then there are APIs you can use to get to the mail.

If it's sitting in a mailbox on a POP3 server, then I suggest getting hold
of a POP3 COM component. Dimac has one that was free last time I checked
(www.dimac.net) as part of the JMail component. That will save you the
hassle of parsing text files yourself, as the component should have classes
that in turn expose the various components of the message. You could use WSH
(Windows Script Host) to run a VBScript file (or write your own VB app) to
do the work (no need for ASP).


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From: "Kevin Stevens" <kjs at ratking.co.uk>
Subject: [thelist] Copying e-mails to a database

: A while ago I did a site for a large British charity. This included
: all the e-mails we recieve into a searchable on-line database. Because the
: list is very low traffic I just cut & pasted the contents of the mails
: the db. The charity were thrilled with the results, so much so that they
: want me to do a similar site that will handle a much larger volume of
: traffic. Can anyone point me in the direction of any web
: that will allow me to do this? The programming will be done with ASP using
: Access (no flames please, I know it's not the best option).

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