[thelist] system requirements for Netscape 4.x vs recent browsers

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jun 16 11:42:01 CDT 2004

I am trying to convince a client that it is no longer necessary (or 
economical) to develop a site which supports Netscape 4.x (i.e. creating 
a distinct version of the site using tables, because they want it to 
look "the same"). I think it would help my argument to be able to tell 
them that there is really no reason for anyone to be using Netscape 4.x 
anymore, because a computer that can handle Netscape 4.x should be able 
to handle something more recent. OK, so this is not quite true, but it's 
close; here's the only reference I could find to system requirements for 
Netscape 4:
The system requirements for Firefox are not so good for my argument:
The system requirements for IE 6 are better for my argument (except that 
I'd be recommending IE - argh!):

Does anyone have anything to add to this? Any suggestions or other 
arguments for not bothering with Netscape 4.x? (Personally, I'd prefer 
to just make sure that a site's contents are readable/usable in NN4, but 
not worry about making them pretty.)

FYI, in the case of this particular client, the number of visitors using 
Netscape 4.x is approximately 4% and decreasing steadily all the time.

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