[thelist] looking for Java Applet or Flash data grid

raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Wed Jun 16 20:05:29 CDT 2004

Johnson, Christopher (MTO) wrote:

>I am been asked to look into putting a data grid into a web application. The
>functionality that is wanted is:
>	* the ability to move/rearrange column order
>	* sort on a column
>	* add and remove columns
>	* select a record to view in detail (via being transfered to another
>web page, not within the data grid)
>	* if the user adds/removes rows, the ability for the data grid to be
>able to communicate the visible rows to the underlying code
>The following functionality is not needed:
>	* the ability to edit and/or update the information within a row

Well this is just a few lines of code in java, but it's a bit of a tough 
task with a java applet. You will probably need to arrange for the jdbc 
driver to be downloaded by the browser along with the applet. That will 
make the applet a little too bulky to use.

>The data grid can be programmed in java (applet), flash, or DHTML and open
>source is preferable, but not an absolute requirement.
>Anyone have any suggestions?
>BTW, this is to be placed within a J2EE application.
Since you have java at both ends of the wire, instead of using jdbc 
directly from the applet, you might want to carry out all the database 
interaction on the server (for which j2ee is well equipped) and pass 
back objects or make use of the XMLencoder and XMLDecoder classes.

Raditha Dissanayake.
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