[thelist] system requirements for Netscape 4.x vs recent browsers

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 16 21:07:03 CDT 2004

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> RE: [thelist] system requirements for Netscape 4.x vs recent browsers

I'm curious: You mentioned 4% of the client's users use Netscape 4. Any 
idea who they are?

Others mentioned sites with statistics on browser usage, but they are 
just numbers. Overall, who are the people who use NS4? Do they come 
from a particular region? Socioeconomic group? Age? Country? ?

My guess is they are probably older folks who got a computer in 1997 
and heard Netscape was "the best" and never changed anything after 
that. Only because that's the description of last person I ever 
actually saw who used it.

I actually enjoy using NS4, and even NS3, (which is only when I'm 
testing) because on some sites it seems to work fast even if things 
don't look so good. Would people who use NS4 not return to a site if it 
didn't look the same as it would on IE6 or Safari?

How would a NS4 user know a site looked different if that truly is 
their browser of choice? Your client would probably know because he 
probably would check. But maybe if he knew who those people were he 
could relax a bit. Or not. It depends, really, who they are.


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