[thelist] Re: Bad CMOS battery

Michael Harrington mike0351 at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 16 22:25:38 CDT 2004

If the CMOS battery is dead, you will get a message right after you turning it on saying that your "Configuration has changed. Press the F1 key (or the DEL key, or some other key) to enter setup." It will be something like that. You will need to check the settings, especially the hard drive settings. Should be able to set it to auto. Save the changes, exit and it should boot, unless you have something else wrong.

Most CMOS batteries last for 10 to 20 years.

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> Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 13:15:48 -0400
> From: "Alan McCoy" <a.r.mccoy at larc.nasa.gov>
> To: <thelist at lists.evolt.org>
> Subject: [thelist] Bad CMOS battery
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> This is pretty much a tech question, not so much a web design question,
> so I'll include a tip at the end, just to be sure.
> I have an IBM Thinkpad that has a dead CMOS battery. Now, I understand
> that a bad CMOS battery would prevent the correct time from showing, but
> would it prevent the entire notebook from booting up?
> Alan

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