[thelist] Multi form selections

Mr. Tenuta dtportnoy at videotron.ca
Wed Jun 16 23:16:29 CDT 2004

You could use HTML and PHP to do this. You could use a dropdown to choose
the department and the values of the options could be the e-mail addresses.

ex in your HTML form:

<select name='departmentEmail' id='departmentEmail'>
<option value='-1' selected>- Choose a Department -
<option value='department1 at domain.com'>Math Department
<option value='department2 at domain.com'>English Department

then in your  php you would use the mail() function, sort of like what

$to = $departmentEmail;
$message = "Greetings\n blah blah";
$subject = "Welcome to the Department";
$headers = "From: The Department";

mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

If you need familiarity with the mail() function check the documentation at
www.php.net .
Or for basic php info and mail() examples you could check out
www.phpfreaks.com .

Hope that helps a little.

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> Can anyone point me to a article/tutorials on how to make a form mail
> function that has a multiple selections , the users would selec which
> department to send their mail to.
> Anyone know of a rticle/tutorial like that?
> Kind Regards
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