[thelist] Going Rate

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Thu Jun 17 09:02:38 CDT 2004

Diane Soini wrote:
> This google link apprently returns this very thread! I actually worry  
> more about the taxes and legal issues more than the price.
>> The responses to Diane's question about consulting fees might give 
>> you  an idea of how difficult (unfortunately) this question is to answer:
>> <http://www.google.com/ 
>> search?as_q=%22consulting+fees%22&as_sitesearch=lists.evolt.org>

Yeah, I would have just linked directly to the original thread, but I 
find it quite difficult to navigate in a thread in the archives. Too bad 
there isn't a "next message in thread" link in the archives. And then 
sometimes a message jumps out of the thread, so this feature still 
wouldn't necessarily help.

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