[thelist] mySQL/PHP - INSERT not working

Johnson, Christopher (MTO) Christopher.Johnson at mto.gov.on.ca
Thu Jun 17 10:38:00 CDT 2004

The @ sign in front of a statement will hide any errors. Try this if you are
running apache(stolen from the f2o.org website)

"Why can't I see any PHP errors? I don't know why my script isn't working!

display_errors is set to off by default. To turn it on, add the following
line to a .htaccess file in your web directory:

php_flag display_errors on

You will also need to set error_reporting to 2047 by adding the following

php_value error_reporting 2047"

This may produce some errors for you.


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From: Tom Dell'Aringa

Seems like it should work especially since I get no error! Isn't there
something where you add an
"@" to mysql_query that gave you some info? How can I get more information
on what is happening

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