[thelist] mySQL/PHP - INSERT not working [SOLVED!]

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 11:08:59 CDT 2004

--- "Johnson, Christopher (MTO)" <Christopher.Johnson at mto.gov.on.ca> wrote:
> $conn only makes a connection with mysql, not with a database. Once you have
> the connection, you need to tell mysql which database to use. It is exactly
> the same if you access mysql from the command line. First you log into mysql
> (make the connection) and then you have to issue the 'use dbname' command
> (where dbname is the name of a database inside of mysql) before you can
> actually perform any queries.
> use this after you make the connection to select the database to use:
> mysql_select_db('YOUR DATABASE NAME');

EGAD that was it! Thanks Chris! Not sure why I forgot that, I guess you need that information!


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