[thelist] refreshing form in firefox doesn't revert to defaul t form values

dave [ evolt ] evoltlist at dropcase.com
Thu Jun 17 16:01:33 CDT 2004

i think this works for other browsers too... if you hit F5 it refreshes, 
but if you hit Ctrl+F5 (or Ctrl+Shift+R), it refreshes without checking 
the cache information. this one and a few others are listed here for 
firefox, opera and IE (in case you need it):
hope that's what you're looking for. thanks.

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Johnson, Christopher (MTO) wrote:

>In FireFox, when you hit the refresh button, it tends to grab the page and
>any associated values from the cache. A quick way of turning this off is to
>press shift + the refresh button. This will force firefox to refresh the
>page by getting it off the server.
>I am sure there are ways to change this behaviour in the permanently, but
>this always works for me and gives me the option.
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>From: Sarah Sweeney
>For most people I'm sure this feature is helpful, but when I'm trying to 
>develop a web application it's not - here's what I mean:
>- I have a form, some fields have default values, some do not
>- I go to the form, fill in some fields, realize I need to make a change 
>to the HTML
>- I make the change, save the (in this case) .cfm file, and refresh the 
>form in my browser
>- the fields I've filled in are still filled in, despite the refresh - 
>this means clicking 'back' and redoing whatever action I took to get to 
>the form (clicking a link, submitting "step 1" of a multi-step form, 

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