[thelist] Is Target dead

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Thu Jun 17 20:03:08 CDT 2004

Chris Price wrote:
> I recently attempted to validate an XHTML1.0 strict page with W3C and it
> winced at Target so I got the page to open in a new window using JavaScript.
> Am I right in thinking that target can only be used with a frameset dtd.
> This being the case I will not be able to open a page in a new window using
> html.
> I try to avoid new windows anyway. It bugs the hell out of me when my bank's
> website insists on me accessing my account in a new window. The bank's
> websites are generally crap but that's another email.

I also find this very disappointing. You'd think there would be some 
built-in way to do this - without having to use JavaScript. But until 
someone tells me what this way is :), this method works pretty well:
Although personally, I prefer to use class="external" rather than the 
suggested rel="external".

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