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Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Fri Jun 18 08:31:02 CDT 2004

Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
> <snip> If the user
> wants the link to open in a new window, then he can do whatever it takes in his
> browser to make that happen.
> If you let the link open in the same window, I have ways of making it open in a
> new one (or a new tab). If the link is set to open in a new window, I *must*
> open it in a new window or a new tab, I can't open it in the same window.
> Known default behavior is good for usability and doesn't annoy people.

I mostly agree with you here, except that I don't think most users know 
how to force a link to open in a new window. In my experience, too many 
computer users are intimidated because they think computers and the 
internet require expertise they don't have, and so will make do with the 
defaults in everything they do, rather than experimenting and learning 
new ways of doing things. I'll stop there, before I start another new 
thread, or go off-topic ranting about this pet peeve of mine :)

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