[thelist] Is Target dead

Andrew Bayley andrew at arcticcircle.co.za
Fri Jun 18 08:37:39 CDT 2004

Chris wrote: 

>What about a plain old website?  If the links section of my company website
>actually takes users away from my site, I don't think I want a links

>It should be down to the designer to decide the best usage, XHTML can be
>strict, it doesn't have to be utterly fascist.

I must agree with Chris, we all spend a lot of time trying to drive users to
our site, using almost any means available to up those page rankings.  Once
you have an audience, keep it.  There is definatly a time and place for
pop-ups, although there is very little more irritating than sites that pop
everything up in a new window.  

Like almost everything on the web, things only work well if we use them

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