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Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Fri Jun 18 10:14:58 CDT 2004

El vie, 18-06-2004 a las 15:02, Chris Hayes escribió:
> What about a plain old website?  If the links section of my company website
> actually takes users away from my site, I don't think I want a links section
> anymore.

Not meaning to offend you by any means but this is nonsense. If you have
so little confidence in the quality of your site that you're afraid to
put a link to a external site in it, you could as well disable the back
button and the address bar and put a big bold red heading that reads

Saying that a link section takes users away from your site is like
saying by not putting it, users will be trapped inside your site. Pretty
naive, to say the least :-)

> It should be down to the designer to decide the best usage, XHTML can be
> strict, it doesn't have to be utterly fascist.

They even killed <marquee>, them fascists! :o)

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