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Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 09:50:40 CDT 2004

--- RUST Randal <RRust at COVANSYS.com> wrote:
> David Dorward wrote:
> > This is good. Usability studies almost inevitably come to the 
> > conclusion that new windows are harmful (and lead to panicked 
> > users wondering why their back button is greyed out).
> While I agree that opening new windows may decrease usability in
> content-driven Web sites, it is a nearly a necessity in a Web
> application. Clients always seem to want this functionality for
> wizards
> or to view summarized information of an account.
> To me, the argument against spawning new windows is old and a bit
> worn
> out, especially when it comes to complex Web apps.

Ask yourself whether google, yahoo, or amazon are using new windows,
and ask yourself whether they are needed. 
You will find that you are perfectly capable of performing all action
on these sites without new windows.

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