[thelist] Is Target dead

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Fri Jun 18 11:19:41 CDT 2004

El vie, 18-06-2004 a las 16:52, Sarah Sweeney escribió:

> Deciding not to use the XHTML strict doctype simple because it does not 
> support target seems like a very extreme solution to me. I think this is 
> a case where people (like me) agree with what the W3C recommends for 
> XHTML strict, and agree with /almost all/ elements and/or attributes 
> that have been deprecated - except the target attribute :)

Decisions between XHTML (vs HTML), Strict (vs Transitional) and opening links in new windows may be reasoned and well informed, 
but i bet the vast majority of them aren't. Obviously, your mere presence in discussions like this puts you on the good side of the Force 

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