[thelist] Multiple select elements rethink.

divaone lparis1 at nc.rr.com
Fri Jun 18 11:40:36 CDT 2004

Response: Rant away! Yes, it can be an insane implementation at times. Yet,
there are some perfectly good uses for the technology - categorizing
something for sale on Ebay comes to mind. Simpler applications need not
apply -

Selection 1: what's your favorite color; pick green
Selection 2 (becomes Shrek): sea foam green, lime, army, or shamrock
Selection 3 (transforms to King Kong).. and you get the point.

divaone ~

Chris Hayes:
While I'm in a rantish mood... multiple select lists!?!  Does anybody else
feel like I do that the functionality where one click deselects all previous
selections is insane?  That's one little slip up and you have to reselect
everything again.

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