[thelist] Making do with defaults (was: is Target dead)

Danny Goodman dannyg at dannyg.com
Fri Jun 18 12:53:47 CDT 2004

on 6/18/04 8:12 AM:

> In my experience, too many
> computer users are intimidated because they think computers and the
> internet require expertise they don't have, and so will make do with the
> defaults in everything they do, rather than experimenting and learning
> new ways of doing things.

It's not just Internet apps. I've been working with a young professional who
uses a laptop constantly, writing and editing word processing documents--and
who also did so through graduate-level schooling. I was amazed to watch her
copy a block of text from one document to another by using the Edit menu.
Not Ctrl+C/V or the contextual menu. I wondered how many days of her life
she had wasted by not using readily available shortcuts.


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